My name is Sosy. I have always loved beads. Beads, beads and more beads! My first recollection of beads was when I was 5-years-old in kindergarten class. Every week, we strung colorful beads. I loved it and looked forward to it.

I soon learned that I am happiest when I create.

In the 70s when I was twelve, I learned to Macramé from a woman I used to babysit for and got so good at it, that I started helping her with her projects. I attended Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising wanting to become a designer, but worked and thrived in the Insurance industry instead. However I never stopped creating.

As we age our eye sight begins to deteriorate, so I began using glasses. I became a stay home mom looking after my twins and kept misplacing my glasses. I didn’t need my glasses all the time, only for reading etc. but I could never find my glasses. So I began making my eyeglasses holders, which everyone around me loved. I have always made jewelry and accessories using crystals, sterling silver and Macramé and gave them as gifts.

My dear friends and family told me that I should sell them.

So here I am with more time now that my kids are older, I am launching SOSY’S DESIGNS™. Jewelry is my passion and I am happiest when I create! Every item is handmade and unique. Now, if you will excuse me, back to my creations…